because the power of cinema has been misused by Hollywood:

Movies are a coveted tool of culture creation, because they penetrate deeply the subconscious mind. ‘Hollywood’ is using movies to propagate collectivism over individualism, recipes over art, degradation over moral fidelity; this is not only short-sighted for Hollywood, but dangerous for everyone.

To thrive in such a climate, independent producers need to understand Hollywood’s monolithic structure, backroom agendas, secret associations, and most importantly, their creative accounting practices.

Re-engaging disillusioned audiences and reconnecting producers, their financiers and artistic talent with the profits of their own work, requires that new voices, new content, and new distribution models be found and cultivated.

‘CineTribe’ and ‘Yoga-Maya Films’ is to be a leader in this ‘New Wave’ of movie production; promoting – through their movies and actions – uncompromising individualism, uncorrupt capitalist behavior and true liberal values.

You are the how!
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