Ana&Johnny Depp for Roling Stone 1989

Is Johnny’s most recent court case an important worldly affair or just a distraction?

I met Johnny Depp in 1989 for an editorial photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine. He was sweet and shy, and quite bothered with the overbearing and almost suffocating attention the photo crew was giving him that day. On my side, I was just exhausted from working for months on end without taking any breaks, being on call, 24/7 as a top model.

We worked together the whole day, taking about 6-7 photos. Both, he and I, were a little uncomfortable with one photo where the photographer asked him to (somehow) push me down like a gangster. This was also the last day of production for his movie ’Cry Baby’ which was shooting in Baltimore.

As the years passed, we met quite a few times. The last time was at the Paris Film Festival when we all went for an after-party; a very private after-party; we had the same PR. We hung out that night with Bono, Sean Penn and a few other high flyers. Again, Johnny was sweet, had a wonderful gentlemanly manner and was amazed and happy to hear that I was now married for six years and had a child. He said he wanted to do the same and admired my commitment.

While he became more and more famous through his acting work, I met him many more times, be it during the Cannes Film Festival or other exclusive Parisian events, such as movie premiere parties or after parties and at the Man Ray restaurant (then partly owned by him). Every time he recognised me and would politely say hi, as if he had not become the mega famous “Johnny Depp” Hollywood product. I felt that to be quite admirable - a level-headed, polite and unaffected movie star? Amazing!

I have exposed and shared publicly my own perspective a few times regarding the reality behind power struggles in Hollywood, and the weird ways of a business that wants to completely own you; the product, a human being. It’s my belief that Johnny went to live in Paris, or in France, just to be away from that overbearing and (more often than not) dark environment. But, as the handlers stay active and dedicated to the sophisticated endeavour to own you, it is possible that even today, Johnny is being used as a distraction on the world stage. I would not be surprised if the ex-wife not only had a terrible personality, and was mad for fame (the number one desire of her entire generation), but that she could also be what is called in the intelligence community, a “honey trap”.

So, how can we reconcile the love we’ve been ushered into feeling through propaganda, for the icon Johnny Depp, and the conundrum of seeing him being ‘just human’; sometimes behaving badly and having a tough time on his life’s path? To add to this whole affair, he is now having his cherished private life being completely exposed, almost as a circus animal in a media frenzy, as he attempts to clear his name from the outrageous accusations of being a “wife beater”, a rapist and a physical abuser, to a self-proclaimed “ambassador” and victim of “gender violence”. And, let’s not forget that lately this young and at least physically healthy female has become a mother by surrogate. I wonder if it’s even true, her inability to birth a child.

All together, this whole affair is sounding very much like predictive programming to me, and as radical as this will sound to many totally uniformed feminists, it’s clear that this can further destroy the naturally loving, nurturing and caring female archetype.

And, by the way, what the heck does “gender violence” mean anyway?

So, here’s my take: that there are bigger things going on that Hollywood is being used to distract us from. Could it be that a “Dr. Evil” character - pulling the strings -  is preoccupying you from such actions as the World Health Organization (WHO) working on a treaty where countries will lose their sovereignty of decision making while dealing with ‘so called’ pandemics? So, this group, with their media, military and medical push and shove, is using Johnny’s personal affairs as spectacle for distraction and diversion. This being, would it not be best to look deeper, and understand what is not being shown in the mainstream press; actions that are taking global populations down this dangerous path of centralization; stopping us from being able to act, be informed and response-able to actual threats!

As for Johnny, I really don’t know how far down the ‘dark’ path he has gone (the 'Hollywood Vampires' - really?), as I’ve taken the path of being a Yogi (or a Jedi if you will), while simultaneously becoming versed in - the generally overlooked -  big picture geo-political affairs. I do hope he’s going to be well and that we all will be able to enjoy more and more, his great talent and dedication to true cinema; and some funky music (he wanted to be a rockstar from the get go). It’s awkward looking back now, remembering how I saw this coming when I watched the ‘Rum Diary’ movie, because my instinct and intuition was accurate and I could have warned him. Unfortunately, we were not in touch and he most likely wouldn’t have heeded it, being somewhat unbalanced and completely enchanted.

It’s possible (and I’m truly hoping so) that Johnny is going to clear his name - or what is left of it - and that those that have lied, exaggerated and fabricated unproven, violent wrongdoings for personal gain, will be rightfully punished and entirety forgotten!

Enough already with the sex-war mega propaganda and the many other agendas being pushed here, as I believe deep down that this is why the media made this such a big deal. All this coupled with the promotion of terrible human behaviour; which is what Hollywierd is actually best at. We do know better now, don’t we? As humans we must seek to be kind and love one another. That is the natural and most basic instinct; and where there is a toxic relationship like this one, best is to move away from it as soon as possible. Well done with that Johnny; now it’s time to heal the wounds and truly transcend all this to achieve a peaceful equilibrium; something achievable and available for all human beings.

We can also become aware that anything blown this much out of proportion in the mainstream media, and exposed as such a circus spectacle, is most likely something being used to shape or distract the minds of the public. Let’s be aware and careful for such manipulation.

The cure to all this is reclaim our minds and focus where more serious and pressing issues are; while wishing them both well.

I personally thank you Johnny, for being a cool guy (as far as I’ve witnessed) and for trying to live in an extremely toxic, abusive, dark and crazy environment, to share your talent with with us all. It’s a brave attempt and consequently, your karma (good and bad) is naturally at your doorstep, and it seems that the worst is behind you. The solace for you at this time may be the realization that Hollyweird needs you; not the other way around. They need your fabulous talent to validate their “Movie Industry” and its propaganda machine. They need you as they did with so many wonderful actors before, who have left its machine one way or another. You actually do not need them for anything.

Ana Lucia Alves
Tulum - May 30th, 2022


Ana Lucia Alves Cine Tribe

Why aging gracefully is healthier for every-body.

It’s been a year since I stopped covering my grey hair. Although uncomfortable looking in the mirror and seeing the ‘actual me’, I stuck with it, being that the positive feelings about it was way bigger than the insecurities it caused at first.

Women have been sold shame when it comes to aging, as if it was practically a disease. Why? Did you ever wonder?

As I pondered this question, so many reasons come to mind; from psychological to emotional, all the way to financial. So here are some questions, and a few answers on the matter:


1. Financially:
 Who would profit from female aging insecurity? 

a. The medical industry, with more often then not, outrageous plastic surgeries.

b. The beauty industry, with all the covering up hair products, sometimes crazy anti-aging products and methods, and their make up.

c. The psychiatric fields, as women when they age will most likely seek relief from the extreme anxiety and unbalance that unattainable modern bodily standards causes them. Come again? The propaganda created by role models from Hollywood keep saying that women must look young at all ages, but the same is not propagated with men. And so the focus on attaining that impossible feat makes women miserable, and many even forget that the female body-machine was created with the amazing feature - which has been undermined and attacked for decades - and now is being completely distorted with the ‘gender bending agenda’. That feature is to give birth! There’s no need to say how incredibly beautiful this is, and that no one reading this would be doing so if it was not for a woman who give birth to them, or to give “the light” as we say in most latin languages. Yes, there’s something truly magical, brave and even spiritual in giving birth.

2. Emotionally: Why would this lack of equilibrium and shame be pushed on women via propaganda? Making money is already addressed, so let’s explore the attempt of removing them and their power from society; to remove the female authority as a role model, for the younger generations. We already see today that knowledge and lived experience is easily undermined, leaving the youth lost and hopeless. And once that is so, they can be prayed upon and further ingest more propaganda fed to them by social media and other means. With all these issues, shouldn’t it be best that women begin to be/feel more secure and even proud to get mature and wise? Becoming then more free with time and begin to use the mental power released when the age of ‘giving birth’ and caring for a young family no longer occupies their minds? Again, this is not emphasized in our society, rather fabricated “role models” are shoved down our throats, with behaviors and expressions that are, to say the least, mad.

3. Psychologically: Why would there be a push for the very young to become leaders (the Greta effect)? As if being wise and knowledgeable is not needed for leadership, and that children can dictated to adults what’s the best course of action. It’s insane! This battle for your mind is taxing and confusing, and most may forget that being balanced and relaxed in one’s body, in acceptance of maturity, is absolutely wonderful. So why wouldn’t this be the very thing our society promotes and discusses. Is there anything else that a human life is aiming for but deep loving relationships and growth, while the body progresses toward its expiration date? Certainly there is having a meaningful time and some great adventures, but it’s extremely difficult to have any fun or find true meaning when our “modern society” prefers to downplay and send amazing, beautiful and experienced ladies to the attic; meaning putting then away for good and very soon after their 40th birthday.


With all this said, it’s no plan of mine to remove myself from living a fantastic life at every step, and I shall not be convinced that my age, or looks is what matters most. 

And lastly, there’s no judgement nor reproach whatsoever if another decides to do otherwise; life is complex and we can only do our very best as we're all a ‘work in progress’ and a divine expression of unfathomable power.

Ana Lucia Alves
Tulum, 19th of October, 2022


Implementing its ideals and mad agenda
into your subconscious mind.

So how does this work?

This implementation into your subconscious mind is done via predictive programming, one of the reasons the TV has named its streaming – of sometimes nonsensical media – programming.

In the case of AI you have already been programmed to accept the idea as a good one. How? For almost two decades now, you’ve been constantly seeing real people with glass like skin; meaning poreless, which your subconscious mind is registering as real, so changing your perception completely regarding what a real human actually looks like.

When one pays attention to the modeling industry it’s easy to see. And now, even movies are removing the reality of the ‘human body’ using technology to make older actors look young, or simply to make their stars look better. An early and awful attempt, was a movie that pushed this very strongly and in a “normal kind of way” – being that it wasn’t a superhero movie – was the latest Scorsese picture called, ‘The Irishman’.


This being a constant now, what does it do to you? And after whatever that is, is done; how do you feel about yourself when looking in the mirror and witnessing that you may not look as good as you were made believe that you could. Yes, convoluted and confusing feelings indeed.

And, we can also discuss all the smart (or stupid?) phones and computer applications in and for social media, as it’s also pushing the same idea of this perfect and no-pore skin. They also have fake application editing for the removal of pores, and in such a way that most people actually look as if they were not even human at all. It's not that I'm against looking great, make up, or using an application to subtlety enhance a nice picture, but the idea that is being installed in your subconscious mind is that, first you don’t look good enough, ever, and second that a robot like appearance is the best one, and most likely your future.

Alright, don’t be so uptight one could say, it’s just fun! And what does it have to do with artificial intelligence anyway? Well, once your subconscious mind has accepted this as normal, that your skin should look like glass, it’s then easy to convince you of the idea that you could also become one of 'them,' become one of these amazingly enhanced and powerful non-human machines, and that’s the AI propaganda machine preparing you and your children to sign up for a crazy and dangerous experiment.

So, we're being led to chip our brains and merge with computers or computer technologies (which we won’t), and this idea is coming from a few crazy people who are pushing it via propaganda on the population. For this to work, first the crazy idea needs to be normal, and if possible, super cool and interesting; ‘the way of the future.' This then, would be the best (and covert) way to convince any human to go for such an outrageous idea; so this is slowly being implemented throughout our society.

But then, you may already be thinking (not your thoughts by the way): but, it’s going to be great as I'll be more powerful if I chipped my brain so why wouldn't I do it? The answer to that is: you already have the highest technology possible within your being, and you have no need to endanger or hurt your body - your most fantastic human composition - to include any pretentious man-made technology, that will most likely (if you research hard enough) make you a remotely controllable slave of an oligarchic government trying once again to come forward with the mad idea of fully controlling humankind. Oh! And they want to control the whole planet! Sounds like a bad B movie, no? Or a scary one?

With this said, I personally cannot stop myself from looking deeper, studying harder and deeply questioning all these insane futuristic projects. Once our mind is made up, and we've concluded this to be a very bad idea, it’s best to immediately remove consent mentally, and from anything that can harm the greatest machine ever created; the human body. After that, we can take local action to stop these things from being pushed on us and our children.

Lastly, let’s again remember that we're not just a meat and bones body and that our beautiful bodies contain a subtle technology that is ever increasing and is extremely powerful, so when this is understood, and the subtle sciences can prove this; no one in their right mind would give this up for some dangerous computerized intrusive technology.

Be well…

Ana Lucia Alves
Tulum, December the 7th, 2023


The fashion and movie industries dictate trends, followed heavily by most people on the planet these days, many a time to their detriment. Most are not even aware of its power of persuasion, because it is something that will, by repetition, go into one’s subconscious mind and soon one will begin to act it out as a second nature, without even thinking about it.

It’s by propagating certain ideas with fashion looks and movies that these trends are then adopted by society at large. This is also called “Social Engineering”.

So – Why is the “heroine chic” look so dangerous? Well, it is an unhealthy and weak look (literally weak) to begin with, a look that makes regular woman (too many are teenagers) to diet heavily using endless ineffective diets (also propagated) that are dysfunctional, creating then a dysfunctional mind filled with even more insecurities, leading most to further and unnecessary stress.


The movie industry is propagating this also, by using or creating movie stars that are way too skinny (you know who), creating then the idea that being extra thin is sexy and actually, a good idea. And the fact is that movies are used to create culture for just over a century, and it has always created social and even fashion trends.

In the early 90s, while I was working a lot as a top model, it was the second time around regarding this “heroine chic” look. The model then chosen to propagate that agenda/idea was Kate Moss, who was way shorter than most at the time, but having the perfect features and the will, and being so skinny that it wasn’t a big deal her being shorter than all the others.

Again, let us not forget that there was one time before that in the 60s, when Twiggy was the “model”; funny enough, her name right? She was chosen at the time to spread the news, so remembering properly, this is the third time around, the third time that this dangerous agenda is pushed forward.  

Anorexia is a real disease that can be triggered, fanned or even created by this very idea. The idea that being extra skinny is “the new cool” and the attractive thing to actually do. Everyone wants to be attractive because we all just want to be loved! Obviously…

And, I am not advocating for gluttony or even overeating, or for being out of control with one’s diet as that’s the other side of the spectrum; what I am saying, is that it’s very dangerous to allow the unhealthy propaganda of “be extra skinny” - when naturally the female body is built to carry a little more fat than male bodies anyhow - to be considered a good thing.  

I’m expecting that most women will see through it this time around, and men also, and that they’ll all refuse and move on without even giving this a second thought. And to quote, just for fun, a super trendy song from my very active modeling days: “Don’t believe the hype”. So please use it, or you will lose it; pun intended.

Ana Lucia Alves
Tulum, 27th of January, 2023

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  1. Ana, this is such a great writing…amazing, and so honest…It is uplifting and so supportive of all the warrior women we all know, whose wisdom and grace is transcendent….
    I wish you tremendous success with your endeavor now and always….blessings.

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