1. Financially:
 Who would profit from female aging insecurity? 

a. The medical industry, with more often then not, outrageous plastic surgeries.

b. The beauty industry, with all the covering up hair products, sometimes crazy anti-aging products and methods, and their make up.

c. The psychiatric fields, as women when they age will most likely seek relief from the extreme anxiety and unbalance that unattainable modern bodily standards causes them. Come again? The propaganda created by role models from Hollywood keep saying that women must look young at all ages, but the same is not propagated with men. And so the focus on attaining that impossible feat makes women miserable, and many even forget that the female body-machine was created with the amazing feature – which has been undermined and attacked for decades – and now is being completely distorted with the ‘gender bending agenda’. That feature is to give birth! There’s no need to say how incredibly beautiful this is, and that no one reading this would be doing so if it was not for a woman who give birth to them, or to give “the light” as we say in most latin languages. Yes, there’s something truly magical, brave and even spiritual in giving birth.

2. Emotionally: Why would this lack of equilibrium and shame be pushed on women via propaganda? Making money is already addressed, so let’s explore the attempt of removing them and their power from society; to remove the female authority as a role model, for the younger generations. We already see today that knowledge and lived experience is easily undermined, leaving the youth lost and hopeless. And once that is so, they can be prayed upon and further ingest more propaganda fed to them by social media and other means. With all these issues, shouldn’t it be best that women begin to be/feel more secure and even proud to get mature and wise? Becoming then more free with time and begin to use the mental power released when the age of ‘giving birth’ and caring for a young family no longer occupies their minds? Again, this is not emphasized in our society, rather fabricated “role models” are shoved down our throats, with behaviors and expressions that are, to say the least, mad.


3. Psychologically: Why would there be a push for the very young to become leaders (the Greta effect)? As if being wise and knowledgeable is not needed for leadership, and that children can dictated to adults what’s the best course of action. It’s insane! This battle for your mind is taxing and confusing, and most may forget that being balanced and relaxed in one’s body, in acceptance of maturity, is absolutely wonderful. So why wouldn’t this be the very thing our society promotes and discusses. Is there anything else that a human life is aiming for but deep loving relationships and growth, while the body progresses toward its expiration date? Certainly there is having a meaningful time and some great adventures, but it’s extremely difficult to have any fun or find true meaning when our “modern society” prefers to downplay and send amazing, beautiful and experienced ladies to the attic; meaning putting then away for good and very soon after their 40th birthday.


With all this said, it’s no plan of mine to remove myself from living a fantastic life at every step, and I shall not be convinced that my age, or looks is what matters most. And lastly, there’s no judgement nor reproach whatsoever if another decides to do otherwise; life is complex and we can only do our very best as we’re all a ‘work in progress’ and a divine expression of unfathomable power.

Ana Lucia Alves
Tulum, 19th of October, 2022